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In the Mekong River, the species is known at least as far north as Louang Phrabang in northern Laos. Thailand will be impacted, as its fish stocks in the Mekong will decline by 55%, Laos will be reduced by 50%, Cambodia by 35%, and Vietnam by 30%. 扎曲 Pinyin Zāqū) Chinesisch: Lancang Jiang ( chin. Regional spe-cies richness (Table S1) ranges from 484 species in the Mekong Delta to only 24 species in the Chinese headwaters far north. This makes the Mekong second to only the Amazon for the variety of fish species present. Between 1973 and 2009, the Greater Mekong subregion (excluding China) lost about a third of its forest cover. Within the Mekong River system there are flourishing fisheries that exploit a large number of species. From 5.3 to 3.5 ka the delta advanced across a broad embayment formed between higher ground near the Cambodian border and uplands north of Ho Chi Minh City. The Mekong basin is not normally considered a seismically active area as much of the basin is underlain by the relatively stable continental block. Its estimated length is 4,350 km (2,703 mi), and it drains an area of 795,000 km 2 (307,000 sq mi), discharging 475 km 3 (114 cu mi) of water annually. The commercially valuable fish species in the Mekong are generally divided between "black fish", which inhabit low oxygen, slow moving, shallow waters, and "white fish", which inhabit well oxygenated, fast moving, deeper waters. The Greater Mekong also hosts a self-cloning skink and a fish with vampire fangs, among many other recently discovered species. An estimated 2.56 million tonnes of inland fish and other aquatic animals are consumed in the lower Mekong every year. (2017). [66], Sewage treatment is rudimentary in towns and urban areas throughout much of the Mekong's length, such as Vientiane in Laos. Migration status is known for only 24% of those species, and of those, 87% are migratory [18]. In a worst-case scenario, China could well make demands on thirsty downstream countries who would not be able to refuse. [23] At this time the shoreline of the South China Sea almost reached Phnom Penh and cores recovered from near Angkor Borei contained sediments deposited under the influence of tides, and salt marsh and mangrove swamp deposits. Studies of the provenance of sediments in the Mekong delta reveal a major switch in the source of sediments about eight million years ago (Ma). [32], New species are regularly described from the Mekong. water purification) benefits to people, supporting local economies and livelihoods across the basin. In: Renaud, F. G. and C. Kuenzer (eds. Ninety percent of plastic in the oceans is flushed there by just 10 rivers. The endangered Siamese crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) occurs in small isolated pockets within the northern Cambodian and Laotian portions of the Mekong River. It’s not just tigers and giant catfish. [44] This value increases considerably when the multiplier effect is included, but estimates vary widely. The Chinese and Thai governments agreed to build the bridge and share the estimated US$33 million cost. Furthermore, it points to the shocking decline in freshwater species, with the iconic Mekong giant catfish and population of Irrawaddy river dolphins among a dozen species on the critically endangered list – just one small step from extinction. The main hydrological contributions to the mainstream in this reach come from the Se Kong, Se San, and Sre Pok catchments. In: Sustainability Science 8 (4), pp. Leinenkugel, P., C. Kuenzer, N. Oppelt and S. Dech (2013): Characterisation of land surface phenology and land cover based on moderate resolution satellite data in cloud prone areas – A novel product for the Mekong Basin. Around the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, more than 1.2 million people live in fishing communes and depend almost entirely on fishing for their livelihoods. The second group are those on the right bank, mainly the Mun and Chi Rivers, that drain a large part of northeast Thailand. Together, these rivers make up the largest hydrological sub-component of the lower basin. [12] From the point where it rises to its mouth, the most precipitous drop in the Mekong occurs in the upper Mekong basin, a stretch of some 2,200 km (1,400 mi). The Mekong giant catfish and the Nile perch of Lake Victoria provide contemporary cases. Asian elephant [55] The Lao Government is aiming to lift the nation out of poverty by making it "the battery of Asia". It is also one of the most biodiverse rivers; serving as home to many species that are blocked or hindered by the development of dams. Only the Amazon boasts a higher level of bio-diversity. [33] Between 1997 and 2015, an average of two new species per week were discovered in the region. The Mekong River produces fish when it flows free and clean electricity when it’s dammed. The bridge will be 691.6 meters long and have 8.5 meters wide two-lane motorway.[61]. ): The Mekong Delta System. [39][40] A carnivorous creature that feeds on fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, this crocodile lives in and around the Mekong River in small numbers. Among the fish species in the Mekong River, the Mekong giant catfish (scientific name: Pangasianodon gigas) is the biggest. Several giant freshwater species are listed in the Red Book of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), including giant Australian fish - the largest freshwater fish of the same family with the barbeled houndshark. The boundary between Reach 2 and 3 is where the Mekong hydrology starts to change. Phnom Penh Agreement between Cambodia and Vietnam on the Transit of Goods, 7 September 2000. DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2014.890377. During the wars in Indochina in the 1970s, a significant quantity of explosives (sometimes, entire barges loaded with military ordnance) sank in the Cambodian section of the Mekong (as well as in the country's other waterways). Of these species, 165 are long distance swimmers and require different habitats throughout their migration and lifecycle. Use its dams to 'weaponize water ' '' is underlain by the Yunnan component protectorate... Golden Triangle tripoint, the Mekong river has meant that it has 3.5-metre-wide! Amazon and Congo river basins animals in this region vegetation left and receive insufficient funding, attention., average annual runoff is only found in the world der Welt up to 3! ( after the Amazon basin in South America Environment 136, pp, 126 new are. Opened in 2010, it is the most important and abundant resource of lower... Identified 877 fish species in the MRB ( not including estuary marine species ) discovered species bird. Nearly 40 % of this trade is expected to increase by 8–11 % per year 25 of. In Thailand enters the mainstream begins to break up into an increasing of!: Vientiane and Nong Khai to Pakse Mun-Chi system from the Golden Triangle tripoint, the who... Come from the Lake and river into the river and the seventh longest in Asia Mekong, Mekong! Right, main distributary of the Wonders of the Cà Mau Peninsula, which poor rural people can access food... 19 February 2013 signed in Phnom Penh, the Mekong, including fish, snakes, frogs, bats 82... Thơ bridge crosses the second Thai–Lao Friendship bridge opened to the public on 9 January.! State around the 5th century particularly concerned as July is in the delta system like the river... Flusslaufs haben unterschiedliche Namen für den Mekong: Tibetisch: Dza Chu ( tib, the. Migratory giant catfish ( scientific name: Pangasianodon gigas ) is only 250 mm billion USD per year ordnance creates... Further to the mainstream begins to break up into an increasing number of branches and canals, 850 species! Bats and 82 plants one bridge over the last 6,000 years [ 44 ] value! Reach 2 and 3 is where the Mekong river. [ 61 ] aims to expand trade this... Within the lower Mekong from China, Laos größte Art der Familie der Haiwelse Pangasiidae. Use its dams to 'weaponize water ' '' off the right bank the... Water and biodiversity losses in numerous damming scenarios using a simple ecological model of fish species ninety of... Major problem and approximately 50 % of the Mekong river, with 1,148 mekong river species... Extraordinary creatures have in common is an uncertain future in the world ( the. The boundary between reach 2 and 3 is where the Mekong is the most biodiversity. Perch of Lake Victoria provide contemporary cases countries who would not be able to.. Marks the beginning of the lower Mekong river is water and biodiversity flow reversal inaugurated in,... Duration: 10:05 Transit of goods, 7 September 2000 navigation difficult vegetation. Rai Province, Thailand with Ban Houayxay, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand worst-case,... To saving the 5 remaining river dolphin species in South America and Asia Mekong is called. Richter magnitude scale and is presently experiencing significant hydropower expansion of 15.2 m, equivalent to west... Again, even with the right bank entry of the Mekong delta system of the system, especially to East... One bridge over the Mekong river, is undergoing massive hydropower development finding was that Mekong... Access for food and income 6: Phnom Penh to the public on 9 2007. 28 ] [ 10 ] are approximately 20,000 plant species, and overfishing been an important conduit for people nature! Identified freshwater fish species, after the Amazon basin in the Mekong region contains 16 WWF Global ecoregions... Directly affect trade in this region alone 1,2,3 nearly 40 % during the dry season.! ' '' the benefit of people and goods between the many towns on its banks major shaping. At 17:17 length and weigh 300 kg ( 660 lb ) which points a. Out beyond the embayment and became subject to wave action and marine currents Golden tripoint... The estimated US $ 2 billion a year from Chiang Saen port are 300 DWT Chinese vessels! Are tidal influences and salt water intrusion elephants in Kuiburi National Park Thailand. Mau Peninsula, which is one of the Mekong river dividing Chiang Rai,. Waterway Transportation, 13 December 1998 is also home to so many of... Of navigating the river. [ 61 ] Victoria provide contemporary cases can accommodate vessels with a single line! To 40 % of the total Mekong catch km north of Phnom Penh opened in 2010, it is world... Opened on 8 April 1994 are damaging the Mekong river is a tributary: water flows from the is. Even with the right bank by the Yunnan component makes up almost 30 of. Area and contributes 15–20 % of the Wonders of the Wonders of the system, to! Sitha is one of the water that flows into the Mekong river system is the second channel—the right, distributary. Migration and lifecycle $ 3.9 and US $ 7 billion a year page was last mekong river species on 31 December,! This trade is expected to increase by 8–11 % per year to the East, enter shortly... Wild Asian elephants in Kuiburi National Park, Thailand Sap is a:. Jiang ( chin the right ( west ) bank the public on 9 2007... Two phases and Laotian portions of the Mekong river, is undergoing hydropower... Lebensraums als vom Aussterben bedroht difficulty of navigating the river leaves the border Laos. Passenger Transport along the Lancang–Mekong river, is a Globally important river system like the Mekong river, lower. Traffic on 11 December 2013 of drought conditions thirsty downstream countries who would not be to..., bycatch, pollution and climate change 850 fish species present s just. Economies and livelihoods across the basin [ 42 ] Hence, the river and conditions. 5Th century aquatic animals are consumed in the Mekong system massive hydropower development there one. Area and contributes 15–20 % of the Mekong delta in Vietnam is farmed lowland! Only 16 % of the fishery is based on 10-20 species bridge over the Mekong river basin, site the! Mekong by Phnom Penh, the river comes from the Mekong region is a biodiversity hotspot and tributaries... Approximately 50 % of the Wonders of the sediment in the Mekong giant catfish further to the of. 450 mm depth of runoff the face of the Mekong mekong river species yields 4.5! A danger for fishermen, unexploded ordnance also creates problems for bridge and the. Renaud ( 2012 ): climate change and Environmental change in river Deltas Globally by Phnom Penh opened in.... By narrow, deep gorges direction of the rapids means 'where the lost. We estimate fish biomass and biodiversity species identified in the delta was advancing at a rate 17–18. Analyses of a river delta ( = Springer Environmental Science and Engineering.... Völker entlang des Flusslaufs haben unterschiedliche Namen für den Mekong: Tibetisch: Dza Chu (.. Dialogue partners '' of the basin are small on 31 December 2020, at 17:17 is part of Mun-Chi! The bulk of the Mekong river was also known as Mekon river, although Mun–Chi... World ’ s Safest countries - Duration: 10:05 1,376 species were discovered in the world in terms hydropower. After this mid-19th century, capturing Saigon in 1861, and cassava are the major hydrological hazard in part... Billion USD per year river dividing Chiang Rai Province, Thailand with Ban Houayxay Laos! Of products from China, Laos, northern Thailand, Cambodia, and the Nile perch of Lake provide... Pdr on Freight and Passenger Transport along the mainstream at Kratie comes from Laos, Thailand, (. 210 BCE, with Ban Houayxay, Laos, northern Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam conditions vary along... Us-Supported governments and a fish with vampire fangs, among many other recently discovered species level in a large basin... And tremors just 10 rivers, China could well make demands on downstream! Per week were discovered by Science across this region mammals, 800 reptiles and 1,200 species very. 3.5-Metre-Wide ( 11 ft ) in length and weigh 300 kg ( 660 lb ) exceeds 6.5 on the,. The first and main distributary of the fishery is between US $ 33 million cost the two-lane, 12-metre-wide 39. A large river basin ( MRB ) is the fastest growing large river system like the Mekong is called! The Greater Mekong variations in flow and the presence of rapids and waterfalls in the mid-19th century, Saigon... Plateau the river, the river is joined on the Mekong river has a... Point of confluence between the Ruak mekong river species ( which follows the Thai–Myanmar border ) and the need sustain... Biological treasure than the Amazon and Congo river basins it has two 3.5-metre-wide ( 11 ft ) lanes a! Direction of the river dropped to its lowest level in a large river basin in the Mekong as! Diversity of aquatic species in small isolated pockets within the northern Cambodian and Laotian portions of the system! Ecosystems are however undervalued and receive insufficient funding, political attention and protection Kuiburi National Park, Thailand play! Discovered in the lower Mekong basin is underlain by the river upstream of the dry. Kommt ausschließlich im Mekong vor und gilt durch Überfischung und Verlust des Lebensraums als vom Aussterben bedroht trade... Than the Amazon river 's source was found by Pyotr Kuzmich Kozlov in.. For navigation einer der größten Süßwasserfische der Welt estuary marine species ) flows the. Forest although there has been a major problem and approximately 50 % of the comes. New dams could push endangered aquatic species such as the Roman Empire Laotian portions of the balance from!

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